In 1924 Virginia, a dirt-poor young woman named Carrie Buck is brought to a mysterious medical facility. No one will tell her why she’s here, or where her two-month-old daughter is. The Doctor in charge is a charming progressive, a student of the new science of heredity and genes. In Carrie, he finds the missing link his entire movement has been searching for, placing her at the center of an unbelievable chain of events that will lead all the way to the Supreme Court. Based on true events, The Colony asks the question: how does our society, past and present, regulate the bodies of women deemed "undesirable"?

Within the confines of an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, a new generation of women is pushing the boundaries. Esther grew up in a loving and religious family, but she is seventeen now and can feel a larger world outside her own. Will her questioning take her too far to come home?

Dawn and Shelby are twins struggling with popularity and body image. They long to connect with their lonely father, but lately he is only interested in communicating through his food. When a mysterious new teacher comes into their lives, introducing them to a folktale about jealous sisters ending in bloody violence, reality and myth start to blur. 

Two teenagers hide out in a living room, playing a dangerous game with a hammer and a doll. Two strangers meet at an abandoned convenience store, uncertain if they can trust each other. All the while, the bombs are getting louder as the country hunts down its children.

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